Vancouver Sun Run Statement Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

April 2, 2020, 8:35 AM:

Due to COVID-19, the Vancouver Sun Run office is closed until further notice. However, you can still reach our staff at

We will announce details and next steps surrounding shirt pick-up and the 2021 event as soon as possible In the meantime, please stay at home and continue to follow the provincial health guidelines.

Vancouver Sun Run Statement Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

After careful consideration and in light of the latest information from federal and provincial health agencies, the 2020 Vancouver Sun Run has decided to cancel the 2020 event. The health and safety of registrants, staff and volunteers is our top priority, and at this time, several health agencies in North America have recommended cancelling large gatherings. Although the Federal Ministry of Health continues to assess the health risk to Canadians as low in regards to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) the Vancouver Sun Run feels that is in the best interest of our participants to cancel the event.

2020 registered runners will have the opportunity to transfer their registration to the 2021 event. Full details will be announced soon regarding this process, but an overview is below detailing what runners can expect.

  • At an appropriate time, you will be able to pick up your race shirt for the 2020 Sun Run at a “packet pick-up.”
  • You will have the option to transfer to the 2021 Vancouver Sun Run by paying a $15 fee, which covers some of the expenses incurred for the 2020 event (e.g., race shirts).
  • You will not be obligated to transfer to the 2021 event
  • All terms and conditions remain in full effect, including the ‘no refund policy’

To receive an email alert as soon as transfer details are available, click here.

Have more questions? Please see FAQs below.

If registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable, why are you offering the ability to transfer?

You put in the work in your training, and paid good money to be a part of the Sun Run experience. Those are not things that we take lightly. Frankly, canceling the Sun Run is devastating to us. We know that offering you the option to transfer your entry for a small fee is less than ideal, it represents the most generous solution that we can offer to you, our valued customer. 

Why can’t I get a full refund?

Your entry fee supports the costs associated with producing the race. Those costs are incurred over the weeks and months leading up to the race. In other words, we’ve spent your money on all of the things that go into producing the Sun Run for you (think race shirts, venue rental fees, equipment, advertising, communications, etc.) and cannot refund money that has been spent.

Now that the race is cancelled, why can’t I transfer to next year for free?

At the time of cancelation, the costs associated with your registration have already been incurred and they cannot be rolled over to next year’s event. Providing free transfers would mean that the Sun Run would incur twice the cost for your race in return for a single entry fee. The financial realities of this unfortunate situation make this an impossibility.

What if I don’t decide to transfer my entry to next year?

That is up to you. You do not have to transfer your entry to the 2021 event. However, if you do not choose to transfer your entry and then later decide to run the 2021 race, you would have to pay regular entry fees. 

How long will I have to transfer my registration?

We will be providing full details on the transfer procedure soon. Rest assured you’ll have weeks, not days, to make the decision and take action if desired. 

To receive an email alert as soon as transfer details are available, click here.

To confirm, the $15 processing fee to transfer will cover the 2021 registration?

Yes. The $15 processing fee to transfer is a one time transfer fee that will allow Sun Run participants to move their registration to the 2021 race.