2020 Shirt Pickup

July 14, 2020, 1PM:

2020 Shirt Pickup is Now Available at Participating Running Room Locations

The Vancouver Sun Run has partnered with Running Rooms all over Greater Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary to offer you as many options as possible to retrieve your 2020 Sun Run Shirt.

To help us continue to fight COVID-19 by reducing crowding in stores, we are offering distinct pickup time frames based on the first letter of your last name. You can visit any of these participating Running Room stores during your assigned time frame to retrieve your shirt!

Please find the section in the chart below that corresponds to the first letter of your last name. The time frame in your section reflects the dates that you will be able to visit any participating location to pick up your shirt. Pick up is easy, convenient and designed to keep you and our communities safe.

If you were a part of a Shaw Team Division team with 10 or more paid members OR a Youth Team Challenge Team with 20 or more paid members, your Team Captain will have your team shirts and you do not need to attend pickup.

To pick up your 2020 shirt: 

  1. Find your available pickup dates from the chart below by matching the section to the first letter of your last name.
  2. Choose a participating Running Room location that is convenient for you.
  3. Stop by your Running Room location during your assigned pickup time frame and let the staff know you are there for your 2020 Sun Run shirt.
  4. Show them your ID and have the postal code used to register. Picking up for someone else? A photo of their ID works, too!
  5. Enjoy your 2020 shirt! 

Have more questions? Please see FAQs below.

How long do I have to pick up my shirt?

Please reference the chart above for available pickup dates. You will need to match the first letter of your last name to the available pickup window dates.

Can someone else pick up my shirt for me?

Yes! They will need to show your photo ID and know the postal code you used to register. A photo of your ID can be accepted.

What if I was part of a team for 2020?

If you were a part of a team that had at least 10 paid members, then your Team Captain will have your shirt and you do NOT need to attend shirt pickup.

How can I find a Running Room near me?

We have a full list of every participating Running Room location, including address and phone number HERE.

What precautions is Running Room taking in light of COVID-19?

Open Running Room stores are adhering to the recommendations of the province’s health regulations, social distancing and following a strict cleaning regiment. For full details on how Running Room is helping keep you safe, please visit their website.

What should I bring to pickup?

You will need to bring a photo ID and know the postal code you used to register for the 2020 event. A photo of the ID can be accepted.

Do I need to make a reservation/call before going to Running Room?

No advanced notice is required to pick up your shirt. Just be sure to stop by a participating Running Room location during their regular store hours and during your pickup window dates.

Who do I speak with to pick up my shirt when I get to Running Room?

Any Running Room staff member will be able to help you when you arrive. Just say, “I’m here to pick up my 2020 Sun Run Shirt!”

How will Running Room know what size I ordered?

Running Room will have each registrant’s name and shirt size so that they can give everyone their correct 2020 Sun Run shirt.

Can I select a different size when I pick up?

No, the shirts are produced according to what is indicated on the registration form for each registrant.

What if I live too far away from Running Room to collect my shirt?

We have 13+ participating Running Room locations to choose from. If your circumstances or distance make it impossible to visit one of these locations during the month-long pickup, please complete this form. This information will help us to understand how many people are not able to attend due to circumstances or distance. We will be in touch after the shirt pickup time frame has ended.