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The Sun Run is near and dear to me – I first ran it the year after I was told I had a heart defect (in my 40’s). I underwent 2 surgical procedures to correct the problem and was told that they were not fully successful but that because I was fit and active, the life-threatening part was minimized. The Sun Run was my promise to myself to regain some sense of health and control over what had been a very scary time. Ten weeks after my second surgery, I completed the Sun Run after attending the run/walk clinic at William Griffin. Each year now, I come back and complete the run and every time I cross the finish line I cry. 2 years ago one of my sons started running with me – another gift from the Sun Run – and this year he will run with me again. Each year of health is a gift and every smile propels me further. Heartfelt thanks for all this event has brought to me.

_Dori Faulkner

Archbishop O’Leary High School is proud to announce a program that will teach students to develop an understanding of lifetime fitness that each student can maintain into their adult lives. This program is now celebrating its 15th year. Archbishop O’Leary High School in conjunction with the school running club, has taken the initiative to promote the rewards and critical importance of an active lifestyle to improve and maintain healthy lives. With current studies showing rapidly increasing rates of overweight and obese Canadian children, the focus of the group has been to encourage participation in healthy, active lifestyles and to develop an interest in having the students begin and maintain this healthy lifestyle.

This year, the Archbishop O’Leary Running Club will be training approximately 25 students and 3 coaches (teachers of O’Leary) for 4 months preparing them for a 10k race in Vancouver. Students will have been training indoors and outdoors three times a week at temperatures up to -20 dgrees celsius. This extracurricular program has introduced the students to education in running, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Students will be working out during the school week as a large group and have been encouraged to continue their individual training on weekends.

The Archbishop O’Leary Running Club, now in its 15 year of existence, has been training students to run local races. Its major focus has been a trip to Vancouver for the Vancouver Sun Run. The trip allows students to share an experience in an atmosphere of 50,000 plus participants who will run and/or walk their way to the finish line. In doing so, the students realize that it is not the race that is important, rather it is the achievement of a goal that some never imagined they could accomplish.

_ Edmonton Catholic Schools and Archbishop O’Leary High School

Margaret Major has been an inspiration to our family for many years, showing everyone what hard work and dedication can do. After having a stroke five years ago, she lost some of her mobility and had to spend much of her time in a wheelchair. She recently started working with a physiotherapist three times a week and has made great strides in regaining her ability to move about using a walker. Her family has decided to name their Sun Run team after her. While she could have just sat by the finish line and watched her family come in, she has decided to be a member of the team and go along being pushed in her wheelchair. Showing her perseverance in working towards gaining greater mobility, she plans on walking the last few steps and crossing the finish line herself, at the age of 91! Showing her family and friends what you can truly do when you don’t give up.

_ submitted by Don Major (son)