Timing Tag

The Vancouver Sun Run will be using the MyLaps BibTag timing system.

The timing device will be attached to the back of your race number.  Please do not remove it.  Your event time is recorded as you cross the timing mats at the start and finish line. No timing device = no time. Your race number must be worn on the front of your shirt for the event.  The timing device and race number is yours to keep as a souvenir after the event.



You will pick up and verify your Bib Tag at Race Package Pickup.  Do not crumple your race number or damage the Bib Tag in any way;  a crumpled/damaged Bib Tag will cause the Bib Tag not to work.  Attach your race number to the front of your shirt prior to the race.  It records the time it takes you to get from start to finish no matter where in the pack you begin.


You must wear the BibTag on your Race Number as provided or you will not be timed.

Ensure your Race Number is clearly visible; the Bib Tag will not work properly if it is are covered with clothing. Make sure if you are wearing “throw away” clothing prior to the event,  that you remove it before crossing the timing mats at the startline.

You must cross the timing mats at the start and finish lines to receive a finish time. No other timing method will be used.


After you cross the finish line, you do not need to return your race number or Bib Tag it is yours to keep as a souvenir of your great achievement! – proceed to the Wrap Party and enjoy!